Project Idea (PI)

  • Project IDEA (Grades 4-8)


    Project IDEA (Increase and Develop Excellence in Academics), also known as PI, is for academically talented students who demonstrate advanced reading comprehension. PI students are able to demonstrate knowledge of complex vocabulary, critically analyze a variety of texts, understand and evaluate varying perspectives, use evidence to develop coherent arguments, and make connections across disciplines.


    PI begins as early as Grade 4 and continues through Grade 8. At the elementary schools, pull-out PI reading instruction takes place during the normally scheduled reading block. In junior high, PI literacy instruction takes place during the student’s normally scheduled English language arts (ELA) class. Elementary PI is offered at all fourteen elementary schools and segues into junior high PI, which is offered at all five junior high schools.


    In elementary school, PI students deepen reading comprehension and analysis using complex texts, and then in junior high, PI students engage in deep learning within all of the literacy strands (i.e., reading, writing, speaking and listening, and language) of the Illinois English Language Arts Learning Standards. In their first year of high school, students enroll in Honors English 1. An overview of the PI curriculum is available at the district website:
    • Progression of Studies/Coursework
    • K-8 Literacy Yearlong Curriculum Maps


    See Identification and Placement for Project IDEA eligibility information. Students, who enroll in Project IDEA, do not need to requalify for ongoing placement. Please note that concurrent enrollment in the Dual Language Program and in Project IDEA is not possible.