School Improvement Plan



Indicator CL7: The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) is safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning.


·         Staff will establish, teach, and practice consistent expectations for student behavior throughout the day in extracurricular activities.

·         Create a committee to redevelop LANCER PRIDE character education program.

·         Develop and distribute student survey on the school culture, school environment, and experiences.

·         Create a behavioral matrix aligned to LANCER PRIDE characteristics.

·         Analyze profiles of students involved in activities, athletics, and intramurals to identify ways to increase such student involvement.

·         Practice security measures which have been set in place for both physical environment and surroundings.

·         Develop a process to administer a student survey to monitor Social Emotional Learning, school culture and Culturally Responsive Practices.

Indicator ID10: The school’s Leadership Team regularly looks at school performance data and aggregated classroom observation data and uses that data to make decisions about school improvement and professional development needs.


·         Redefine procedures of the problem solving model.

·         Identify assessment tools utilized within the district and building to support he Problem Solving process.

·         Provide professional development related to various assessment utilized to enhance and inform instruction.

·         Provide a building-wide PLC calendar.

·         Explore and share a variety of classroom observation methods targeting student learning and performance through the best practices book.

·         LJHS Rising Star Team along with identified academic teams will pilot the district RTI TIENET process during the 2014-2105 school year. This process will house all student data related to the RTI process.

Indicator IIIA07: All teachers differentiate assignments (individualize instruction) in response to individual student performance on pre-tests and other methods of assessment.


·         Create a professional development plan to determine a common understanding of assessment types and what they indicate about student learning.

·         Utilize PLC schedule to evaluate, assess, and develop common assessments.

·         Utilize PLC schedule to evaluate, assess, and develop differentiated instruction.

·         Staff will participate in a school-wide book study using Best Practice to enhance differentiated instruction.

·         Professional development to provide understanding of how to differentiate instruction.

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