• Discover, Explore, Express, Create


    Easel It's important to know that the world values unique and creative solutions to meet the needs of today as well as those of the next millennium. Let's look at the world in a new and different way! Art can open up your creative mind. Imagination is the key to your future.

    Do you like to explore, develop and express your creative ideas through hands-on experiences like ceramics, painting printmaking, drawing, computer and media technologies? Look at the unique images that have represented generations of cultures and grab on to that feeling of creative achievement! Make your own interpretations - the possibilities are limitless!

    We believe in the National Art Education Association's philosophy that Art is a special way of knowing, and a way in which people explore and understand their world.


    Through Education in Art:

    •Students discover their heritage and learn to understand the culture and values of which they are a part and those of others with whom they live.

    •Students learn about the power of visual images to influence human behavior and to reflect their values and aspirations and those of society.

    •Students explore their own potential to think creatively, to solve problems with ingenuity, and to respond to events and experiences with confidence and enthusiasm.

    •Students understand that they can effect improvement in the environment and they can shape their individual lives... their communities.. and their Nation.

    •Our comprehensive program benefits both student and society as we engage students in Art experiences that develop skills necessary for success in life.