Family and Consumer Science

  • Family And Consumer Science curriculum requires high-level, critical thinking skills students need to solve the personal, family, career, and community challenges students will face throughout their lives.


    Students develop critical life skills

    While it is easy to recognize the importance of traditional academics for future success, too often we do not recognize the importance positive human relationships, good nutrition, and a balanced lifestyle play in students ability to come to school ready to learn. Family and Consumer Science curriculum is more than “common sense”, it is the discipline that fills an educational void with knowledge, skills, and habits of the mind that make a difference, equipping students to enter the ‘adult’ world ready to raise strong families and fulfill their role as productive citizens.

    Using time and resource management, FACS students develop abilities to improve communication skills, understand consumer related problems, investigate how health related problems can be remedied by good nutrition, comprehend challenges in human development, and strategize for functional design.

    Engaging students through observation, deduction, hands-on development, critical thinking, time management, and evaluation, FACS has a long history of helping students attain the knowledge and skills needed to meet challenges of their contemporary society.

    Areas of Study by Grade

     6th Grade
    • Intro to design with fabric
    • Career investigations
    • Personal growth & human development
    • Nutrition and food safety
    7th Grade
    • Family Relationships
    • Consumerism
    • Breakfast foods and nutrition
    • Fabric design for human dimension and machine sewing
    8th Grade
    • Interior and 3D advanced fabric design
    • Culinary building blocks
    • Child development and care

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