Digital Resources Overview

  • Students at Jefferson have access to a wide variety of digital resources. Many of them are password protected, but logins can be found in the back of the assignment notebook given to all students at the beginning of the year.  A brief description of the different types of resource is found below to help determine the appropriate tool for the task at hand. Please use the left sidebar to navigate through the options.
    These password-protected resources provide access to vetted content supportive of all curricular areas.  Information found in reference books, magazines and newspapers as well as original content including images and video is organized in searchable platforms that feature a wide variety of researcher-friendly tools such as citation assistance, vocabulary help, translating, and read-aloud options. Some, like EBSCOhost, are actually interfaces that can search more than one database at a time.
    Subscription Services
    These resources are more interactive than databases. They may offer content but also offer opportunities to test comprehension, track progress and/or create products. These these all require a user-specific login, and some are only for students in specific courses.
    These quality internet resources are particularly valuable to students and staff.