Dress Code

  • Jefferson believes everyone has a right to learn in a comfortable and safe learning environment. At Jefferson we expect students to wear attire that is appropriate and that is not a disruption or distraction to the educational process.
    District 203 Policy: No garment or spiked or dangerous jewelry; jewelry depicting distasteful symbols debasing the dignity of a person; no garment or jewelry depicting beer, alcohol, liquor, or drugs may be worn at school; no garments or jewelry with sexually explicitly, obscene, or vulgar messages or symbols may be worn at school or at any school-sponsored activities. No coats, caps, hats or bandanas may be worn inside the building. Decorating oneself (i.e., face painting) is not appropriate. These guidelines are designed to promote a positive educational atmosphere.
    At Jefferson, we believe Dressing for Success is the responsibility of every member of our community, so we stress the following guidelines:
    • Students should wear clothing that totally conceals undergarments. All tops must have straps that are at least one inch wide. Tops must cover the midriff. Boy’s shirts must have sleeves. Undergarments must be covered at all times.
    • All garments should be reasonable in length. Garments should extend beyond the longest fingertip when arms are fully extended to the side.
    • No garments with holes that cause a distraction or disruption are allowed.
    Students will be warned that their attire is inappropriate or disruptive. A change of clothes will be made. Shirts may be turned inside out if wording can be hidden. A cover-up can be put on to fix the problem.