Dual Language Program

  • All junior high aged students enrolled in District 203's Dual Language program attend Jefferson where they are on the Bear Team in sixth grade, Team Fire in seventh grade, and Team Journey in eighth grade. 
    To find out more about how the program works at Jefferson, go to "Program Overview at Jefferson" on the left navigation or click here.
    For information about the program in general, see the Dual Language Overview from the District website or by visiting the link on the left navigation.

Our Teachers

  • Rodolfo Perez
    Araceli Canty  
    6th grade Bear Team 

    Eric Havinga
    Roselyn  Timm  
    7th grade Redbirds Fire

    Misael Vargas  
    8th Grade Team Epic 

    Amanda Kahl
    8th grade Team Journey

    Kristen Pemberton
    Dual Language Reading Specialist

    Ana Gonzalez-Pino
    Spanish Lit and Culture