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    Welcome to PI+
    Project IDEA+ is a magnet program designed for students in grades four and five who have been identified for Honors Mathematics and Project IDEA. In addition, students achieved a Standard Age Score (SAS) of 135 or greater on each of the verbal, nonverbal and quantitative subtests of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT). Students participate in enriched and accelerated self-contained classes in mathematics, science, and humanities strands, which includes the literacy strands integrated with District 203 social science content.

    Exciting News for PI+ Mathematics or PI+ Mathematics Curriculum Alignment

    A team of elementary and junior high PI+ teachers have been meeting this year to ensure that the mathematics curriculum for PI+ is rigorous and aligned from fourth grade through eighth grade. During this process, teachers have and will continue to review the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics which have been adopted by the state of Illinois, the progression of learning outlined therein, and the resources that are used to meet those standards. As we work to strengthen and align the curriculum, teachers will be field testing various resources to support students and meet the learning standards. 

    Deborah Cota                                                       
    Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Services      
    Naperville Community School District 203       
    Sue Jin Striedl
    Project Manager for Learning Services
    Naperville Community School District 203