• Our Meadow Glens Physical Education curriculum promotes life long learning skills through many forms of physical activity. We also promote good sportsmanship and an appreciation for physical fitness at early ages. We move, cooperate, play games, and participate in various sports and recreational activities while we learn how our body moves. This is a rewarding time for children in grades K-5.


      Welcome to a new year!

      At the beginning of the year, physical education classes are hard at work in their team building unit. It is a real pleasure facilitating these learning activities as the students build relationships, learn team skills, and develop leadership qualities. It is exciting to see the positive interactions that the students are having and the hard work that the students are putting in during their time in P.E.

      In Kindergarten through second grade we are also working on some simple team challenges as well as moving safely around the gym. I love the interesting ways these students try to solve problems.  However, safety will always be the most important rule in the Physical Education Classroom.

      As we move forward, I want to remind parents to help their children remember gym shoes on their P.E. days. It gets especially challenging in the winter months when the students wear boots. Please help them pack their gym shoes on snowy days so that they don’t have to wear the slightly used gym shoes that I provide for the classes.
      Third, fourth, and fifth graders are beginning their district-mandated fitness tests soon. Students in these grades take four tests, two times per year. The tests are given now and then again in the spring. The tests we use are the PACER, mile run, curl ups, and sit and reach. Fourth and fifth graders will have their scores entered into the district’s fitness application. With this new application, students will be able to track their fitness progress all the way through high school. Please encourage your child to try their best during their tests, and ask them how they feel they performed.

      If at any time you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Have a great year.