Fourth Grade

  • Welcome to Fourth Grade! 


    Fourth grade is an exciting year of growth in the students’ learning and development. With supportive guidance we transition students to become collaborative workers and self-directed learners who produce quality work.
    The big ideas covered this year:

    Reading: The focus is on making meaning of complex text. Through assigned readings, discussions, and written responses, the students will develop deeper meanings of texts.

    Math: Students are honing their numeracy skills while developing their understanding of multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals. Geometry concepts are also explored. Problem solving is incorporated into all areas of study.

    Writing: Writing includes study of the six traits common to quality compositions. These traits are practiced and incorporated into narrative, expository, and persuasive pieces.

    Social Science: We compare and contrast the regions of the United States to explore the five themes of geography ( region, location, place, movement, human/environment interaction). A study of Illinois is included to build knowledge of our home state.

    Science: Through hands-on investigation, students explore the fields of science  while studying matter (physical science), Watery Earth (earth science), and the human body in motion (life science/health).