Meadow Glens Art Program


      Art Palette 


      Visual Art is essential to human development.  


      Art was our first language.  Through inquiry into the origins and traditions of art, students become more visually literate.  Kindergarten through fifth grade will learn about art concepts, cultural traditions, historical perspectives, the progress of civilizations, as well as current and innovative visual forms of expression & communication.
      Students will explore, learn, and create with the tools and materials that artists use to sculpt, sew, draw, paint, print, and create graphics.  By doing so, students will have the opportunity to work individually and collaboratively, problem-solve, communicate ideas, make connections, utilize technology, and apply learning to real life.

      It is my hope that all Meadow Glens students try their best, take pride in their work, experience art in a new and exciting way, and generate a lifelong passion for the arts.


      Art Club

      Art Tutorials are specifically open to fourth and fifth graders. The club meets in the art room from 2:30-3:30 on a monthly basis. Permission slips are needed to participate. Students bring their own supplies. 


      Supplies and Classes

      Listed below are places to purchase art supplies and facilities that offer Art Programs outside of school. Meadow Glens is not affiliated with any of the stores or art programs. They are just suggestions.


  • Ms. Amber Shaner