One of the most important things a child can do is play. When children play, they learn skills to help them develop to their full potential. Some of the best characteristics of play are so different from the literal (exact) world of adults. Children in play want to experience the process, while adults attempt to make finished projects. For children, there is NO right or wrong answer in play. Play involves free choice. New ideas can be tried and risks can be taken as children explore make-believe, physical activity, and social interaction. Everyone is successful in play!

  • Research has shown that the richest play occurs when an adult takes an active role and plays alongside the child. Parents are their child's first and best playmates. Make sure to make time to play together at the park, at the library with friends and especially at home! Some playtime suggestions are:

    • Observe your child by watching carefully, wondering what your child might be thinking
    • Let your child direct and guide the play
    • Join in and play at your child's level
    • Be creative - there is more than one way to use any toy
    • Have fun