Bear Team

  • The Bear Team recognizes the unique experience of transitioning from an elementary setting to a more independent junior high environment. We help each student navigate his or her way throughout the school year – starting when students must learn schedules, locker combinations and academic expectations. We then strive to nurture each student's development into becoming a self-directed learner, quality producer, complex thinker, collaborative worker, and community contributor, all components of District 203’s mission statement.


    We know the importance of communication among students, parents, and teachers, which provides an environment to make each student successful. We also know that this is the time when students begin to advocate for themselves, so we start this process by requiring students to take the initiative with assignments, from understanding expectations through inquiring about missing assignments. This simple communication shift from parents to students empowers students to take ownership of their learning through self advocacy. Please understand that this process takes time, but is an invaluable life skill that will help your child be successful long after middle school."


    Finally, we provide a secure, safe environment for all Bear students to grow intellectually, socially, and emotionally. Plus, we always have fun along the way!

Our Teachers