Grade 5

  • Welcome to fifth grade, finale of the elementary years spent at Maplebrook!
    Fifth graders will work on strengthening their reading skills through continued work on comprehension strategies. Reading is presented in a variety of settings, such as guided reading groups, independent reading, and shared reading. Our literacy learning continues with further development in different genres.
    In math, we focus our year on being fluent with all four operations with decimals and fractions. Students will learn beginning algebra through a unique hands-on approach towards the end of the year. These engaging algebraic activities lead to an exploration of patterns.

    Social science is US history taught through the themes of revolution, pluralism, and power. Science will be filled with wonder and discovery as students learn about nature's decomposers, energy transfers, and the Earth's changing surface.

    Through outdoor education, students get the opportunity to learn about nature through activities like tree climbing, archery, team building initiatives, orienteering, Frisbee golf, forest study, a predator/prey game, paintballing and a campfire.
    Fifth grade offers unique experiences through safety patrol, student council leadership, and other personal growth opportunities that will prepare students for their transition to middle school.
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