Grade 3

  • Third grade at Maplebrook is a year of tremendous growth in responsibility and ownership. Third graders will learn many strategies to increase comprehension, such as making connections, asking questions, inferring and determining importance in text. Reading is presented in a variety of settings including guided reading groups, read to self, and read to someone.
    Writing instruction will involve a process approach. At the beginning of the year, we are most interested in the generation of good ideas and interesting ways of writing. Throughout the year the students will be able to incorporate their growing writing skills by writing narrative, informational, and opinion/persuasive pieces.

    In math, third graders develop number concepts, strengthen addition and subtraction skills, explore geometry and measurement, learn strategies for multiplication and division (including mastering basic facts), and problem solving.
    The students will participate in scientific inquiry as they experience the wonders of science. We will explore the solar system, concepts of light and habitats. In the area of social science, our program emphasizes four community systems: government, education, economy, and transportation with an applied focud on these systems related to Japan and Medieval Europe.
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