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    Wildcat Pride! 

    At Maplebrook we emphasize academic excellence while recognizing the needs of every child in a safe, nurturing, environment.

    Maplebrook Elementary School welcomes students from Kindergarten through fifth grade.  We're located in Naperville, Illinois and serve students from the Maplebrook and Winding Creek Communities.  Maplebrook was built in 1974 using an open design concept and currently enrolls approximately 540 students, ranging from Kindergarten through 5th Grade. 

    Our greatest assets for student learning are our dedicated teachers, school staff, families, and community members.  With a talented team and strong community connections, our school strives to cultivate meaningful partnerships with parents and the community.

    Our school community is devoted to providing a quality education and a nurturing environment for all students.  By providing rigorous content in core academic subjects and valuing special programs such as Fine Arts, General Music, Physical Education, Band, and Orchestra, alongside extending the curriculum through digital learning and independent reading, we ensure our children become confident, competent, and independent learners.

    Families at our school are a very active and integral part of the education process at Maplebrook.  Their involvement and firm commitment to the pursuit of excellence in education is an essential element that adds to our success.  Our Home & School, a parent-run organization, benefits the school with proceeds from various fundraisers.  Volunteers are plentiful, and their contributions include assisting in the learning commons and classrooms, taking an active role in leading school event committees, fundraising, beautification of our front entrance and so much more.

    Our dedicated teaching staff brings vast experience, creativity, and genuine commitment to providing a quality education for students.  Students' needs and interests are the highest priority of the staff.   They recognize the educational challenges of maximizing the potential of every student; that is to meet all students as they come to us and to guide them to higher levels of achievement.

    Finally, we strive to create a supportive climate in which every child's talents and interests are nurtured.  We provide social-emotional support for students through morning meetings, classroom lessons, small group and individual sessions.  Students also have opportunities to develop leadership skills through serving as Student Council Representatives for grades 3-5.  All Maplebrook students are encouraged to show “PROWL” and live up to the expectations of  showing Persistence, Respect, Ownership, being Welcoming and Leadership.  We strive to recognize students’ positive efforts through PAW tickets, classroom incentives and PROWL Pride Assemblies.