Grade 4

  • Fourth grade is a year of developing independence. Although parents are still an important support, fourth graders are expected to keep up with their assignment notebook and be responsible with their homework and projects.
    Literacy skills are being refined and there is more emphasis placed on strategic thinking while reading. Writing is being developed to engulf the six traits of writing in each paper. The emphasis is to expand and support ideas in greater detail. In the content area of Social Studies, students will study each region of the United States and demonstrate their knowledge of each region through quizzes and tests. In Science, the three units covered are the Human Body in Motion, Watery Earth and Matter. In each unit, the students are involved in experiments and are highly engaged in learning activities and investigations. Knowledge is demonstrated through quizzes and tests as well as projects. In Mathematics, multiplication is at the base of the overall content taught this year. They will learn not only multiplication, but division, fractions, decimals, and geometry concepts.
    This is a year with many fantastic experiences and an emphasis on becoming self-directed learners. Students who have the skills and interest to learn on their own with minimal directions have achieved the qualities of a self-directed learner. This is not only in the classroom, but throughout their daily lives.
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