• Kindergarten may be thought of as a year of play; however at Maplebrook, it is a time for children to expand their love of learning, build knowledge, develop their ability to get along with others, and explore ways of connecting to the world.

    •  In Literacy and Math you will see the teacher working with the whole class, small groups, or one on one, addressing their individual needs.
      • When students are not meeting with the teacher, they are working independently or with a peer.
      • All students do not learn in the same way, so activities are designed to meet the needs of all students in the classroom.
    • In Math, your child will focus primarily on two important areas. The first is learning numbers and what numbers represent. The second is addition and subtraction. Students will also learn to identify and work with shapes.
    • In Literacy, your child will learn the alphabet and the basic features of letters and words. They will break down spoken and written words into syllables and letters and identify the sounds each letter makes. These important skills will enable your child to learn new words and to read and understand simple books and stories.
      • Students will be exposed to a variety of genres.
      • Students will learn about text features and story elements in order to comprehend grade level books.
    • In Writing, your child will learn to write and share information in a variety of ways, including drawing, writing letters and words, listening to others, and speaking aloud to communicate their ideas.
    • Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is embedded throughout the day in kindergarten. Your child should feel warmth and friendliness at Maplebrook. The development of self-esteem is one of the important goals of kindergarten, and each student should feel that what they have to offer is important. As teachers, we are responsible for helping your child feel confident about who they are and in their ability to tackle the challenges of learning.
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