Grade 1

  • First Grade at Maplebrook is a year of enthusiastic learning and tremendous growth! Reading is presented in a variety of settings, such as guided reading groups, independent reading, and shared reading. In our Readers Workshop, First Graders will have a balanced reading diet of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. We will sharpen and hone decoding skills through a word study approach, that analyzes word chunks and patterns, which will be transferred into everyday reading and writing. In addition, First Graders will also investigate irregularly spelled high frequency words.
    First graders will grow as writers though a Writer's Workshop approach. Narrative writing, informational writing, and opinion writing, will be areas of focus. Mentor texts and modeled lessons provide the scaffolding needed for the children to grow as writers.

    In Math, First Graders learn about numbers embedded within other numbers, (structuring numbers) as a means to understand the relationship between addition and subtraction. Story problems help children apply math concepts to real life situations. Students will also study two-digit numbers to understand the concept of place value. Geometry, measurement, and the concept of “equal shares” will also be presented. Students will learn common math practices and strategies to solve more complex math tasks. Students are encouraged to explain their thinking and understand the thinking of others, through the use of daily “math talk.”

    Social Science and Science allow the students to explore and learn about the world around them. First Graders will learn that Science involves wondering, thinking, trying, observing, recording, and discovering. Areas of focus in Science include the examining of living and nonliving things and earth and space patterns. In Social Science, First Graders will study the concept of “change,” as it applies to friendships and families. 
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