• What time does school start?
    Students should be at school by 8:00 a.m. and in class by 8:15 a.m. Students arriving after 8:15 are considered tardy and must sign in through the health office. The school day ends at 2:30 pm. Students needing to leave school before the end of the day must be signed out through the health office by a parent or adult on their contact list.

    What time can students arrive in the morning?
    Students can arrive at Elmwood between 8:00-8:10. We do not have staff supervising before 8:00, so please do not leave children unattended until staff are present at 8:00. 

    How do I report student absences?

    Elmwood School Health and Attendance Office: 630-420-6343

    Elmwood School's Health and Attendance Office is located inside the main school office. A qualified Health Technician is available during school hours from 8:15 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. A Certified School Nurse (CSN) is also available when needed. If your child has a special health concern, is taking prescribed medications, or has known allergies, please notify both your child's teacher and the health office.

    To report an absence, late arrival or expected early dismissal, please call the Elmwood Health Office/Attendance Line 630-420-6343 prior to 7:45 a.m. The answering machine is available at any time during the day or night. Please do not email absence information as there may be a substitute in the Health Office. Leave a voice message indicating:
    • student's name
    • date of the absence
    • reason for the student's absence
    • name of the classroom teacher
    • grade level of the student
    For additional district health information and forms, please click here.
    What is the best way to reach my child's teacher if I have questions?
    A phone call to school or E-mail or backpack note. Please always check with your teacher at the beginning of the school year as to which method of communication they prefer.
    How do I know when my child needs to wear their gym shoes?
    Your student will need gym shoes on the day that they have gym. Please contact your student's teacher for gym day of your child's class.
    When do the students have indoor and outdoor recess?
    Students will go outside for recess if the wind chill is above 0 degrees Fahrenheit and if it is not raining.
    What are the lunch/recess times for the different grades?
    K   Recess   11:35-11:55     Lunch   11:55-12:15
    1   Recess   11:10-11:30     Lunch   10:50-11:10
    2   Recess   12:20-12:40     Lunch   12:40- 1:00    
    3   Recess   12:40- 1:10     Lunch   12:20-12:40
    4   Recess   11:00-11:30     Lunch   10:40-11:00
    5   Recess   11:30-12:00     Lunch   12:00-12:20
    What is the hot lunch this week?
    Hot lunch is provided by Sodexho. Please see this link D203 Lunch Menus and Nutrient Information.
    Can my child order hot lunch or milk once in a while or do they have to order every day?
    Your child can order on as many or as few hot lunch/milk days as they choose.
    What is the procedure or how do I drop something off for my child because it was forgotten at home?
    All forgotten items, including lunch, should be brought to the school office with your student name and teacher clearly labeled.  School staff will place the item on the 'I Forgot Table'.  This table is located in the main office.  It is the responsibility of the student to check for forgotten lunches and/or homework.   Your student will not be called from class to pick up forgotten items. The office will do their best to email the teacher that the item is on the table and deliver these items by the end of the day if they are still on the table. We appreciate you working with us to teach your child responsibility. 
    How do I become a volunteer?
    There are many opportunities via Elmwood Home and School (H&S) and Elmwood School Family Community Partnership (SFCP). Volunteer opportunities can be found on the Get Involved channel's Volunteer Programs section. Opportunities to sign up to volunteer are also available during Orientation.
    Can I bring treats for my child's birthday?
    No food may be sent to school in honor of birthday celebrations. Your student can be honored in a variety of ways other than the sharing of edible treats. Recommended birthday "treats" include: stickers, pencils, or a donation of a book to the LRC in your child's name. Please contact the classroom teacher with your intent prior to sending "treats".
    Where will I find information about school rules?
    School rules and discipline policy are listed in the Elmwood Handbook.
    What is the last day of school?
    Please go to the district calendar for the last day of school. Be aware that there are 4 emergency days built into the calendar for school year so the last day of school may be different nearing the end of the year than the date stated at the beginning of the year.
    On early dismissal days, what time are the students dismissed?
    The K-5th grade school day on early dismissal/half days will be from 8:15-11:35 a.m.