Elmwood Clubs

  • Please see the list below for school sponsored clubs that are funded by the district.

Athletics Club

  • Elmwood Athletics Club is for 4th - 5th grade boys. The purpose of the club is to develop leadership skills, cooperation, sportsmanship, confidence, and teamwork in intermediate males through athletics and team building activities.

    For additional information regarding the club please contact Nate Bornancin and Kristen LaRue.

Battle of the Books Club

  • Do you like to read? Do you like to talk about great books? Then Elmwood's Battle of the Books Club is the place for you. The Club is open to all Elmwood fourth and fifth graders who enjoying sharing their love of books. Club members have an opportunity to read and discuss books from Naperville's Battle of the Books list. Throughout the year there are exciting incentives for reading, along with a variety of activities, guest speakers, and games, where quality literature is the focus.

    In spring interested club members have the chance to try out for Elmwood's Battle of the Books Team. Battle of the Books Team Members will then compete in April against other District 203 elementary schools testing your knowledge of the Battle of the Books list.

    For club meeting times, dates, and more information please contact Mrs. Molly Elsen or Ms. Shelby Getzin.

Boys Only Book Club

  • The Boys Only Book Club is a bi-weekly event where boys can come together to read, discuss, listen to, and enjoy books.   For more information contact Sandra Volling.


  • Elmwood has an extra-curricular Chorus Club for any 4th and 5th grade student who enjoys singing. Students will be given the chance to perform in a large ensemble setting. Emphasis in rehearsals will be placed on using healthy singing techniques and improving general musicianship.

    For additional information, please contact Mrs. Amie Silder.


  • Club FLARE (Friends Learning And Respecting Everyone) was developed in an effort to proactively meet the needs of Elmwood School's female fourth and fifth grade population in the fall of 2007. The club teaches girls about relational aggression, a phrase coined by leading relational expert, Dr. Nicki Crick of the University of Minnesota. Relational aggression has been around a long time, but didn't develop a label until the year 1995. 

    Relational aggression defines what takes place when relationships are used to harm others. Girls most often use RA against each other in covert or indirect forms. The other forms of aggression are verbal and physical. Relational aggression is the most hurtful form with devastating long term effects for the target. Covert examples of RA include: eye rolling, facial expressions, hand motions, whispering, etc.
    Part of FLARE's purpose is to assist girls in recognizing the roles within relational aggression and problem solving how to deal with a relationally aggressive situation. Girls role play scenarios, discuss problem solving skills, and journal about their own experiences with friends and relational aggression. 

    Please contact Mrs. Janelle Kreiling for additional information regarding Club FLARE.

Code Club

    Calling all 3rd-4th graders! Elmwood’s CODE Club is here! Code Club is designed for students to learn the basic concepts of Computer Science with drag and drop programming. They will create programs to solve problems and develop interactive games or stories they can share.
    For additional information about CODE CLUB please contact Mrs. Beth Zamora or Miss Kristen Ludlam.

Environmental Club

  • The Elmwood Environmental Club (EEC) is a program for all interested third-grade students. The members learn about environmental issues which include recycling, endangered species, and water conservation. Our members are responsible for all the recycling that occurs at Elmwood School and every week our third graders collect over 200 pounds of paper, plastic, aluminum cans, and printer cartridges! In addition, four times a year the environmentalists clean up Gartner Road and stencil storm drains in the West Highlands subdivision. Each May, the club participates in the River Sweep of the DuPage River encouraging environmental volunteerism.

Running Club

  • Running Club is available for all student in grades 1 - 5. The club focuses on running, stretching, and nutritional wellness. Meetings are normally held before school. Kindergarten students will run during recess. Runners should have athletic shoes, a water bottle and appropriate attire. In case of bad weather runners will meet in the gym.

    For additional information or questions? Email us at elmwoodrunningclub@gmail.com or Call Mr. Cleveland at (630) 200-7707.

Safety Patrol

  • Fifth grade students that are interested may sign up to be a part of Elmwood's Safety Patrol. Members are stationed at various locations on school grounds and their responsibility is to guide children safely during arrival and dismissal times. The safety patrol will not be responsible for student misconduct, but will model and encourage exemplary behavior. Patrol members are not in positions to direct vehicular traffic. Those duties are the responsibility of the Safety Director and the teachers.

    Two intersections, Magnolia & Sycamore and Magnolia & Elmwood, are monitored by teachers who are responsible for students crossing safely at corners. Safety patrol members are stationed at those corners to ensure students stand and wait at the corner. Patrol members are then directed by the teacher to allow students to safely cross the street.  Patrols are assigned positions from 7:55 to 8:10 A.M. and 2:30 to 2:40 P.M.
    If your fifth grade student would like to be a member of Safety Patrol, please contact Mr. Corby Howard for more information.

Science Olympiad Club

  • Elmwood Science Olympiad  is offered for students in grades 3, 4, & 5.  The club provides a fun, competitive, collaborative, and participatory hands-on science learning experience in a variety of science areas. From October - April, students practice in small teams in several science events working within the scope of specific event rules found in the Elementary Science Olympiad rules manual. Elmwood will then compete in a Science Olympiad tournament against other elementary schools in Illinois in May. Space on the team is limited!

    For questions, please contact Valerie Goldstein.  

Student Council

  • The Student Council was designed to promote school spirit, develop leadership skills among its members, teach the democratic process, and encourage community involvement. Students will have the opportunity to learn more about their school and have fun! The students meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss issues, and to plan and implement activities that relate to themselves, the school, and the community. Student Council hosts Elmwood School's Spirit Days, Candy Cane Caring, and various community projects decided upon by the council. They also are in charge of the Spirit Bash concessions and coordinating the all school talent show. 

    Fourth and fifth grade students interested in participating in student council need to submit an application for participation in the fall. Student Council begins in October and lasts through the school year.

    For more information regarding Elmwood's Student Council and their activities throughout the school year please contact Mrs. Anne Blank, Miss Kristen LaRue, or Miss Rebecca Siambekos.

Yoga Club

  • What: A club that teaches more about the practice of yoga and staying healthy. We will learn new yoga poses and practice them together.

    Who: Mrs. Anderson and Mrs. Haack will be leading the yoga practice for interested 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders.