English Language Learners Overview

Illinois State Seal of Biliteracy and Commendation toward Biliteracy    


Program Philosophy  

 Naperville School District values students’ diverse backgrounds and their unique contributions to the learning community. In order to empower learners who are meeting the challenges of a new language and culture, District 203 will support English Language Learners as they develop social, cultural, and academic competence by creating a learning environment that:
  • Expects students to meet high academic standards
  • Facilitates effective communication in English through reading, writing, speaking, and listening
  • Encourages risk taking and inquiry
In this way, Naperville School District  will provide ELL students with an optimal learning environment in every academic setting

Program Information

English Language Learning (ELL) support services are offered at the Ann Reid Early Childhood Center, all 14 District 203 elementary schools, Jefferson Junior High School and Naperville North High School. In addition to consulting with classroom teachers regarding their work with English Language Learners, ELL teachers provide support to students both within and outside of the classroom. All English Language Learners participate in an annual assessment, ACCESS for ELLs, to measure their growth in English language proficiency. If you have questions about the ELL program in District 203, please contact the Office of Language Acquisition at 630-848-3957. 

Contact Information

Dr. Marion Friebus-Flaman
Director of Language Acquisition
Betsy Koepnick
EC-8 ELL Coordinator

Suzanna Schweer
High School ELL Coordinator

ELL Program at Elmwood

  • ELL students are placed in regular classrooms; all classroom instruction is conducted in English. ELL students participate in Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Science, Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer and Library classes.
  • Individual student needs determine the intensity of ELL instruction.  Most ELL students receive at least one period of ELL instruction daily.
  • ELL instruction for students in Kindergarten through fifth grade is scheduled during regular school hours. The ELL teacher and classroom teacher work collaboratively to plan appropriate instruction for students.
  • The majority of ELL instruction is administered in a small group setting outside of the regular classroom. However, ELL teachers and assistants also provide support within the regular classroom when appropriate.
Paola Cruz  
Mrs. Paola Cruz (Email)
Elmwood ELL

For more information regarding District 203 curriculum please see the district site