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  • Welcome to Elmwood Home & School!
    Welcome to Elmwood Home & School (H&S)!  H&S is a parent-run, volunteer organization that works with our teachers and school staff to support the learning environment at Elmwood.  Our Home & School runs several programs and fundraisers throughout the school year.  The monies raised support the H&S annual budget and fund programs that are offered each year.
    Elmwood Home and School Executive Board
    President –Laura Viscito
    Vice-President – Julie Swigert
    Treasurer – Milanka Van Osdol
    Secretary – Libby Traeger
    Elmwood Committee Member List 2020-2021
    Who is a member of H&S?
    As a parent or guardian of a child at Elmwood, you are automatically a member of our Home & School Association. We welcome and encourage you to come to our meetings and to volunteer for any of our committees.
    When are Home & School Meetings?
    In general, we hold meetings several times throughout the year and offer both day and evening options. Younger children/siblings are welcome at all of our meetings!
    Meeting Minutes for 2019-20 School Year

    What are Elmwood Home & School Fundraisers?
    Elmwood H&S programs and activities are only made possible through our fundraising events. Those events include:

    • Dave Cleveland Fun Run
    • Dine-outs
    • Spirit Bash
    • Manna Gift Card Program
    • Book Fair
    • Adult Social
    What are the different H&S Committees?
    *Book Fair *Book Tops & Labels *Directory *Field Day *Fun Run *Garden *Health and Safety *LRC *Manna *Micro Fundraisers *Movie Nights *Nominations *Photography *Programs and Assemblies *School Store and Supply Packets *Science Fair *SFCP *Spirit Bash *Spirit Wear *Staff Appreciation *Student Recognition *Yearbook
    How can I volunteer for a committee with Elmwood Home & School?
    Please send us a note at elmwoodeagles@gmail.com
    Elmwood's Home and School also shares information regarding the Elmwood Community through their Facebook Page. Stay connected at www.facebook.com/pages/Elmwood-Home-and-School-Association
    Home & School Committee Information
    Our weekly parent newsletter is our tool to communicate with YOU! In order to streamline our communication to ensure that is meeting your needs, provides relevant information, and is done efficiently, we are implementing a new process. If you have information to share from your committee or about an upcoming Elmwood event, we ask that you share your message via the enclosed link. Your message will be reviewed by both Mrs. Polomsky as well as the Home & School Board before it is added to our weekly communication.  See the link below to submit your request.
    Additional Home and School Resources: