• Welcome Class of 2034! 

    During March, all District 203 elementary schools hold Kindergarten Preview. At this special event, you and your child will meet the school’s administrators, the kindergarten teachers, other school personnel, and representatives of parent organizations. While your child remains in the classroom and enjoys a sample of the kindergarten experience, school personnel will meet with you and other parents to share information about the kindergarten program. Due to the nature of this meeting, we respectfully ask that you make childcare arrangements for your younger children during the time of the program.

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    For participation in the Dual Language Lottery your student’s Kindergarten enrollment must be completed by Friday, April 9th, Enrollment must be COMPLETE to be considered for the Dual Language lottery.  Complete means that you have turned in all the paperwork and received an enrollment confirmation.

    Centralized Enrollment is available by appointment Monday through Friday 8:00 - 4:00 p.m. Please call 630-416-2834 to schedule an appointment. All visitors must wear a mask upon entering the building.  Visitors are limited to two household members. Visitors must be 10 years of age or older.  For general questions, please call our Centralized Enrollment Office at 630-548-4320.

    Important Dates:

    • February 1 – Kindergarten enrollment begins
    • March 1 – Dual Language information will be posted on the District website.
    • March 8 – Online Kindergarten Preview begins.  Each school will send out more information.
    • Late Summer – Summer preview visits will be hosted in late summer and communicated by each school.

    Given current health and safety guidelines, we will be dividing our traditional Kindergarten Preview into two partsIn March, the principal at your child’s school will be sending you a recorded presentation about kindergarten. This will include all the important information you need at this time to anticipate your child’s transition to kindergarten in August 2021. This information will also include details on how to have any questions you may have answered. We want you to feel prepared and confident with all things kindergarten. We also want this for your child! Therefore, your child’s school is organizing school visits for late summer so your child can explore the classroom, meet the teacher, and be officially welcomed to their school. Of course, you will be invited to attend this special event as well! All the details, including the date and time, will be sent to you by the end of our current school year (June 10, 2021). To receive this special invitation, please be certain you have enrolled your child in kindergarten.

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