Birthday Book

  • What is it?  How does it work?

    Birthdays will be celebrated with a good book from Mr. Langes' office.  After students select their book on their birthday, Mr. Langes will sign and date the book and students will be able to take their book home. If your child’s birthday is over a holiday or break, we will still celebrate your child’s birthday prior to the holiday break.  If your child has a summer birthday, throughout the month of May, all students with birthdays in May, June, and July will be announced.  August birthdays will be announced during the first days of school. 

    Thank you to H&S for keeping this awesome tradition going!

    Why Birthday Books?

    Why not?  The Elmwood community recognizes and supports the protection of our increasing food allergy population and this program helps promote a healthier birthday celebration.  Our Birthday Book program respectfully addresses all of the above concerns in a way that that celebrates each student-with the lasting gift of reading.

    Happy Birthday!

    Mr. Langes