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    Before School Sports

    This year the Before School Sports program will be on Mondays and Tuesdays for all 5th grade students and Wednesdays and Thursdays for all 4th grade students from 7:30 a.m. to 7:55 a.m. in the gym. Students do not have to come to each session.

    If your child is interested in attending please fill out the bottom permission and conduct policy form and return it to Mr. Gatenby.
     Younger siblings are not allowed to participate or watch due to safety concerns and supervision.   

    If you have any questions e-mail me at ggatenby@naperville203.org

    Thank you,
    Mr. Gatenby

    P.E. Prairie Elementary

     4th &  5th Grade Before School Sports Program and Conduct Policy

    Return Completed form to Mr. Gatenby
    Conduct Policy

    Notice: All students participating in Before School Sports will be held accountable for following all rules listed below at all times. Before School sports is very popular and at times can have many students participating together. It is imperative all students’ are in complete control of their actions at all times in order to secure a safe environment for all involved.

    • Follow all P.E. rules at all times.
    • Follow directions first time given
    • Respect others and equipment at all times
    • Always try your best
    • No yelling in the gym
    • Keep hands and feet to yourself
    • No inappropriate language
    • Be a good sport
    • Maintain appropriate behavior while in hallways before and after B.S.S.
    Any student violating any of the above rules can be suspended from attending before school sports for up to four sessions.

    Any student violating any of the above rules resulting in an unsafe or dangerous environment for others will be asked not return to Before School Sports for the remainder of the session. NO EXCEPTIONS

    I, the parent of___________________ give consent for my son/daughter to attend the before school sports program at Prairie Elementary School.

    I am aware of the nature of the activity and give him//her my full consent to participate. During the time of the activity can be reached at _____________________

    Are there medications or medical conditions that the supervising person should be aware of? _______________
    If yes please explain on the back of this form.

    By signing below you as the parent and your child have read the conduct policy fully, understand it and agree to it, NO EXCEPTIONS !!!

    Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: ______________________

    Child’s Signature: _________________________ ___ Date:_______________________