Is there a student dress code?

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At Kennedy Junior High we expect students to wear attire that is appropriate and that is not a disruption or distraction to the educational process. Inappropriate dress is defined in the Student District policy:

No garments, spiked or dangerous jewelry depicting distasteful symbols debasing the dignity of a person; no garment, jewelry depicting beer, alcohol, liquor, or drugs may be worn at school; no garments, jewelry with sexually explicit, obscene, or vulgar messages or symbols may be worn at school or at any school-sponsored activities. In addition, at all the junior highs it is expected that:

  • Students should wear clothing that totally conceals undergarments. All tops must have straps that are at least one inch wide. Tops must cover the midriff. Boy's shirts must have sleeves.
  • All garments should be reasonable in length.

Classroom teachers will make the determination if clothing is a disruption to the class. Students should be warned that their attire is inappropriate or disruptive. A change of clothes will be made. Shirts may be turned inside out if wording can be hidden. A cover-up can be put on to fix the problem.