What procedure do I follow if my child is going to be absent or late to school?

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During the school year, the following procedure for reporting absences will be used. If your child will be absent, you are to call and notify the school before 8:00 a.m. To report an absence call:  630-848-5636. The Attendance Line is open 24 hours a day. Parents should be prepared to give the following information: Name, spelling the last name, Grade, and Reason for absence.
Please do not request homework for student on the Attendance Line. Email the teacher for this request.

The school must be informed anytime the student will not be in school. Parents are notified if their students are not in school and are not called in on the attendance line. Excused absences are:illness, doctor's appointment, a death in the family and certain religious holidays., parent request. The district has a list of accepted religious holidays. Take Your Student to Work Day is not recognized by the district. Students missing that day will be counted absent but excused.
Students are granted one family emergency tardy per trimester. By law, students missing first hour are marked 1/2 day absent from school. Students missing three academic classes are marked as a fully day absence. (Lunch and supervised study are not classified as academic instruction.) Students missing part or all of the first hour (unexcused) will receive a lunch detention. Any student arriving to class during the first five minutes is considered tardy to class and not tardy to school. These are handled by the teacher. Students missing two classes unexcused will receive a p.m. detention. Students unexcused from a 1/2 day of school (three classes) will automatically receive a Saturday School Detention. Students unexcused for a full day will receive an in school suspension. After five consecutive missed days, (or 10% of the required days of attendance) students that continue to miss all or part of a school day due to illness will be required to submit a doctor's note. Letter will be mailed home when students reach the 10% levels.