Does Kennedy hold a "moving on" ceremony for eighth graders?

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Yes.  In order for a student to earn the privilege of attending the "Moving On" ceremony at the end of eighth grade, he/she must earn passing grades in half of the subjects in which he/she is enrolled.  This will be monitored up to and including the third trimester mid-term report.  Any student failing half, or more, of their subjects will be placed on academic probation, during which the student and their counselor will design an academic plan for improvement.  Failure to meet the conditions of probation may result in the student's exclusion from the "Moving On" ceremony.

This ceremony takes place during the school day at the end of the school year.  Each family receives just two tickets as space is tight.  Lots of volunteers are required to make this a memorable event.  Information, and requests for volunteers, begins coming home to parents in January/February.