Beebe Elementary School

Where to Go When You Need To Know. Questions about: academic growth, attendance, gifted testing, H&S events, safety, fees,
  • Where to Go When You Need To Know

    Questions about

    • Academic or Behavioral Growth: Classroom Teacher or Specialists that work with your child (staff email or 630-420-6332)
    • Attendance or Health: Keli Sokacz, School Nurse at 630-420-6334
    • Gifted Testing & Placement: Ashley Dougherty, Assistant Principal at 630-420-6332
    • Home & School events or Volunteering:
    • Safety Concerns: Christine O'Neil, Principal at 630-420-6332
    • School Fees & Building Usage:Melissa Morton, Head Secretary at 630-420-6332
    • Student Enrollment & Records: Tracy Sciabica, Senior Secretary at 630-420-6332
    • Transportation Concerns (ex. routes, time of pick up or drop off): Transportation Department 630-420-6464

Coming to School

  • We have found there is a positive relationship between regular attendance punctuality and school success. For daily occurrences, note the following:

    Arrival: Students are allowed on school grounds no earlier then 8 A.M. We suggest you have your child on the school grounds between 8:05 and 8:10 A.M. so that he/she is seated in the classroom and ready to begin instructional time at 8:15 A.M.

    Contact Numbers: Please update your parent work numbers and emergency contact phone numbers if necessary. You may do so by sending a note to the Health Office or by phone (630-420-6334).