• Beebe School Safety

    Please know that safety is at the forefront of our minds as we work with your child/children each day. Below outlines some safety measures we have as a building to ensure the safety of all.


    • Building doors are locked during the instructional day (interior and exterior doors).
    • Building cameras are located around the building (interior and exterior) for us to have eyes in different locations.
    • Staff are provided training throughout the year to ensure they understand safety protocols and how to respond in an emergency situation.
    • All visitors are run through our Raptor System and we verify why they need to be in the building.
    • Safety drills are performed throughout the year to empower students with the knowledge of how to respond in different emergency situations.
    • Supervisors / Teachers are always scanning their environment and reporting any suspicious activities.
    • Administration works with local law enforcement and the district office when we believe our students or staff are in any danger.
    • District office also shares information about suspicious activities in our community so that we can inform staff and make necessary adjustments.

    In the event we believe students are in danger we would send out a communication to our community.


    How You Can Help


    • Talk with your child about trusted adults and empower them to use their voice to report things that make them feel uncomfortable when it happens.
    • Avoid coming onto the playground to visit with your child or driving by to wave at your child while they are outside. (While this may be harmless if other students see this and students or staff don't recognize you, it could be misinterpreted).
    • Talk with your child about safety measures we have as a staff and the importance of listening to the direction of staff in emergency situations.

    For more information about safe behaviors at Arrival & Dismissal, please consult our Arrival & Dismissal guide