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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Arrival & Dismissal Reminders

    Pick-Up Lane 

    What is expected behavior in the Pick-Up Lane?:

    • All drop-offs of students should take place between the bike racks and driveway entrance to the school on 11th Street.
    • All cars must pull forward as far as possible. Our staff will help get students into the closest door of the school.
    • Students need to exit the vehicle through the passenger side of the car.
    • Drivers must remain in their vehicle while moving through the lane.
    • All drivers must follow. 

    Staff are supervising to help students get in and out of cars along with moving our traffic along. They may remind you of expectations so that we can expedite the lane smoothly.

    What is unexpected behavior during Drop-Off?:

    • U-turns on 11th
    • Parking your vehicle in the lane
    • Speeding down 11th
    • Cutting around cars that are not moving forward at a pace appropriate to you

    Parent Drop-off 

    Students need to be accompanied by an adult if you are dropping a student off in the front parking lot. Since buses use our bus lane, we have cross walks that we ask you to use with your guidance. We appreciate everyone taking the time to help our students get to school safely.


    • All walkers, car riders or students being picked up in the parent pick up lane will be dismissed from the back of the building (east side).
    • All students being picked up by family on the back playground should stand with their family member (students should not go directly to play on the playground) until staff on duty blows the whistle or heads inside. This allows our staff to account for all students.
    • Families accessing the parking lot should walk with their child when in lot and use the designated cross walk.