• Fun Facts About Beebe

    When Beebe Opened:

    Beebe School opened in 1955, as an 18-room Elementary School named after the superintendent Ralph E. Beebe, who had successfully guided the school district for the last 28 years. Beebe’s opening enrollment was 318 students! When the school first opened, it was next to a dairy farm, and cows would occasionally wander onto the playground. Beebe was expanded in 1961, 1984, 1987, and 1991.

    The School Mascot:

    The Beebe School Mascot is the Bobcat! Throughout the year there are opportunities to say HI to the Bobcat around the Beebe halls and at the front entrance at arrival.

    Our Beebe Expectations:

    The Beebe School expectations include being Safe, Responsible, Respectful and Ready to Learn! Our students work on showing these expectations throughout their school day.

    One Community Literacy Program:

    Each year our students, staff and families participate in a school-wide literacy activity to bring our community together and grow our love for reading. Each year has a new theme that includes reading, participating in projects, answering questions about the stories and connecting the school and home community! This year we are studying the work of Peter H. Reynolds.

    Connection to D203 & Growing up in the community:

    We have a number of staff members that attended D203 Schools and grew up in the Naperville Community!

    Meet our Naperville 203 Graduates:

    Yvonne Pan- Math Specialist

    Traci Considine- 2nd Grade

    Sarah Dumler- 2nd Grade

    Christine O’Neil- Principal

    Ashley Dougherty- Assistant Principal

    Sara Shindollar- 4th Grade

    Tara Chen - 4th Grade

    Noor Shammas- Learning Support Coach

    Michelle Bertram- 1st Grade

    Lexi Linder- Kindergarten

    Laura Nebor- 1st Grade

    Rachel Barrett- Kindergarten

    Meghan Ansell- School Psychologist

    Diane Osepek- Health Technician (Nurse Office)