• Recommendations from the Health Office

    Coming to School

    We have found there is a positive relationship between regular attendance punctuality and school success. For daily occurrences, note the following:

     Arrival Students are allowed on school grounds no earlier then 8 A.M. We suggest you have your child on the school grounds between 8:05 and 8:10 A.M. so that he/she is seated in the classroom and ready to begin instructional time at 8:15 A.M.

     Contact Numbers Update parent work numbers and emergency contact phone numbers. You may do so by sending a note to the Health Office or by phone (630-420-6334).

    Health & Student Safety

    If your child is taken ill, please call the Health Office (630-420-6334) before the start of the school day. If your child has not arrived at school and no absence has been reported, the Health Office will be trying to contact you at home, work, or through emergency numbers to make sure your child is safe.

     Phone Numbers Please keep all emergency, work, & home numbers current for your family current with the Health Office throughout your child's time at Beebe.

     Vacation Please notify the Health Office and your teacher of the dates you will be absent. You may call the health technician (630-420-6334).

     Parents Out of Town If you are a parent who have occasion to go out of town and leave their children in the care of someone else, be sure to put in writing your authorization for emergency care during your absence and notify the Health Office of the person who will be in charge.

    Our school has close to 800 students each year and communicable diseases are bound to occur. Since most do not pose a serious health threat to the general population, we do not inform parents every time a new case of illness occurs. However, if you have a special need to know about cases of communicable diseases such as chicken pox, measles, fifth's disease, etc... occurring in your child's classroom (a family member has sickle cell anemia, is pregnant, if immuno-supressed, or has a similar health concern), please inform the Heath Office and we will send home advisory notices. In order to alert the school community, please inform the Health Office should your child come down with a contagious illness (especially fifth's disease) so that any pregnant teachers or volunteers can be notified.


    All medicine must be given through the Health Office. It is not safe for your child or for other children to have medicine sent in lunch boxes or pockets. The school can not give medicine, prescription or over the counter, unless we have a signed medication permission form from your child's doctor. Medicine should be brought to school in the original prescription bottle (pharmacies will give an extra one when asked), or in the container in which it was purchased. It should be clearly marked with the student's name and dosage to be given.

    Dressing for Recess

    Outdoor recess is held daily unless there is significant rainfall or the temperature/wind chill is at 0 or below. On these days students will have indoor recess in their respective classrooms. Dress your child appropriately for every student will participate in outdoor recess. If your child has a temporary medical condition and should not be outdoors for recess, the student must present a signed and dated note from their doctor.

    Physical Exams/Immunizations

    Physical exam forms for students are available at the district web site or your school's Health Office (630-420-6334). It is mandated by the Illinois Department of Public Health that all students entering Preschool, Kindergarten, Fifth, Ninth grades, and all transfer students will have a physical exam done within one (1) year prior to entry. Low-Cost/Free Clinics may be available, contact the Heath Office for information.

    *Additional health services and forms are available at the District 203 Health Services page