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    We are excited to have WatchDOGS back at Beebe school this year! Our WatchDOGS will be supporting our students during the Lunch/Recess time.

    Please view the linked WatchDOGS Flyer and access the SIGN UP GENIUS LINK HERE to register for your preferred date and time slot. We will have two WatchDOGS support each time slot. Our first time slot is at 10:30-1:00 PM for 5th Grade, 3rd Grade, and 1st Grade lunch and recess. Our second time slot is 11:00-1:30 PM for Kindergarten, 4th Grade, and 2nd Grade lunch and recess. We will limit one WatchDOG per family for our first round of sign-ups.

    Once you register for your WatchDOG day you are all set! Please make sure to remember your date/time. You will receive a reminder email from Sign Up Genius 3 days before your scheduled date/time.


    What do Beebe WatchDOGS do?

    Our WatchDOGS will arrive 5 minutes before their time slot and enter at Door 1. Please check in at the Main Office (bring your ID), Receive your WatchDOG Vest and visitor sticker, then head to the GYM for first lunch duty.

    Once on duty you will support students in the lunch room by circulating around the GYM, checking in with students, help open lunch items, encourage safe and respectful behavior, visit with students and encourage them to eat their food. Once the lunch period wraps up you will support with garbage collection and then head outside with the grade level for Recess!

    During recess time please circulate around the blacktop and playground to support recess supervision. Encourage students to follow the Beebe expectations including responsible play, respectful behaviors and safe actions! Our WatchDOGS are very popular at Recess time so make sure to make your rounds during the 20 minute recess and check in with a variety of students.

    After recess wraps up you will make your way back to the GYM to support the next grade level’s lunch and recess. Continue this for the 3 grade levels you are assigned to for your WatchDOG Duty day! Then check out at the Office and return your visitor sticker and WatchDOG vest before leaving for the day.

    If you have any questions during your WatchDOG day there are Lunch/Recess Supervisors there with you throughout the lunch/recess duty. You can also come by the Main Office for support.


    What if it rains?

    Our WatchDOGS will get to circulate throughout the grade level classrooms and support during our Indoor Recess time! This includes engaging in board games, drawing, reading and chatting with students.

    Thank you again for your interest in supporting the Beebe WatchDOG program. We are excited to bring it back to Beebe for the remainder of the 21-22 school year.