• The safety of our students is our number one priority at Elmwood!  With the cooperative environment created by students, staff and parents we are able to achieve our goal ensuring that all students arrive and depart school in a safe and timely fashion.  We thank you for your continued support.  Below you will find the safety rules and expectations for travel around Elmwood.  You may also find additional safety information and school maps on the City of Naperville's website.



    All individuals coming to Elmwood School are encouraged to cross at the corner of Magnolia Lane and Elmwood Avenue on the northwest side of the school or at the corner of Magnolia Lane and Sycamore Drive on the southwest side. There is NO legal crossing zone on the corner of Magnolia Lane and Spruce Drive in front of Elmwood School. This intersection is not a safe crossing zone designated by the City of Naperville. Do not use this intersection. It is especially dangerous during arrival and departure from the school.

    Please click here to view the AAA Safety Experts Best Route to School Guidelines.


    Traffic Procedures for Drop Off and Pick Up

    Elmwood's current traffic system has the potential to run smoothly and safely when all of our drivers understand and comply with the traffic rules.  There is no parking in the north or south lot for the purpose of dropping off or picking up students. We have had several safety concerns with moving cars being in the lots at the same time as the students are arriving or departing.  Please read the safety procedures below to ensure the safety of all students and families.
    South Parking Lot off Sycamore Drive
    This lot is the designated drop off lane from 7:45-8:15 in the morning, and the pickup lane from 2:30-2:45 in the afternoon.  Please be patient with the car lane and understand that it is not an immediate drop off or pick up. The process takes time and the line will proceed at a safe rate for all the students.
    • No double parking; please stay safely along the right curb as you move through the circle drive.
    • Please stay in your lane and do not pull out or pass cars at the circle drive curb in the morning.  Carefully pull out of the circle after your children have entered or exited the vehicle. At dismissal, you may carefully pull out and pass those cars still waiting to locate their children.
    • NO LEFT TURNS from Sycamore Drive are allowed upon entering the Elmwood parking lot between the hours of 7:55-8:15 am and 2:30-2:45 pm.  You must turn right to enter the parking lot drop off/pick up lane from Sycamore Drive.
    • Children will only be allowed to enter or exit your vehicle once you have entered the appropriate pick up/drop off area. Specifically, the pick up/drop off area is past the recycling and trash containers in the circle drive. In addition, no children should ever move towards a vehicle until it has come to a complete stop.
    • Always pull completely forward before stopping to let your children exit.  The leading cars should pull all the way to the end of the sidewalk in the circle drive. A safety director will wave you as far forward as possible. Please follow the staff member hand signals at all times. Do not get out of your car while in the circle drive.  We must keep the line of cars moving safely forward in order to accommodate all of the students who are being dropped off.  Your children should be prepared to exit your car quickly and safely when you are fully stopped.  A brief “Good-bye” should have you on your way.
    • Once your child has exited your vehicle safely, please be sure to move your car so that the flow of traffic can continue.  Please be courteous and respectful of other drivers and move safely forward as soon as your children are safely away from your vehicle.
    • No parking by any yellow painted curbs; no parking in areas posted “No Parking.”  Sitting in your running car in a No Parking area is the same as parking.
    • Please drive slowly and cautiously at all times.
    • Students should enter and exit vehicles on the right hand side of the car and should always WALK while on school walkways.
    • Please be observant…watch the other cars, watch pedestrians, and make sure you look for children in crosswalks.
    • Please remind your child where you will be picking them up after school and encourage them to meet you as promptly as possible after dismissal.
    • If you do need to park because you have business inside the school, you may park on any appropriate neighborhood street. 
    Magnolia Drive along front of Elmwood School
    • Only buses are permitted to use Magnolia Lane. This area is clearly marked by signs in front of school.  No parking on Magnolia Lane in the bus drop off/pick up lanes.
    • NEVER pass through a barricade blocking traffic from traveling north and south on Magnolia Lane, during the hours of 8:00-8:10 am and 2:30-2:40 pm.  Buses will be dropping off students /picking up students at those times.
    • Remember to be courteous to our neighbors.  Do not park in front of driveways or pull into a homeowner’s driveway to turn around.  This is private property and there may be young children playing in the area.
    • No U-turns are allowed on Spruce Drive or Magnolia Lane.
    • Students should only cross Magnolia Lane at the appropriate street corners of Sycamore Drive and Elmwood Avenue where safety personnel can assist them.
    North Parking Lot off Elmwood Drive
    • This parking lot will be used for MORNING ONLY student drop offs.
    • Enter the new drive by  driving  eastbound only on Elmwood Drive and enter the lot by making your first right into the parking lot after crossing the Magnolia Lane/Elmwood Drive intersection.  Once you enter the parking lot, pull up as far as possible to the end of the drive before dropping off your student(s).  Upon exiting the drive, we ask that you make a right turn only onto Elmwood Drive toward Washington Street.  If you plan to proceed to Washington St, please only make right-hand turns onto Washington St.  This will help reduce traffic backups on Elmwood that could potentially be caused by left hand turns onto Washington.  If you need to travel northbound on Washington, please enter Washington from Robin Hill Drive, which is one block north of Elmwood Drive.  You can reach Robin Hill by turning left onto Cherry Blossom Lane. For a map of this new student drop off procedure please click here.
    • This lot is a designated lot for staff and visitor parking during school hours.
    Please click here to see the walking mapparking map or student drop off map.


    Cell Phones

    State law prohibits the usage of cell phones in a school zone. It is imperative that NO CELL PHONES are used in the vicinity of Elmwood Elementary for the safety of all. This includes the parent drop-off/pick-up lane.

    No Pets Allowed

    There are no pets allowed on school grounds. Please keep all pets off the school grounds when children are present.