Elmwood Child Sign Out Procedure

  • During Return to Learn visitors will not be allowed in the buildings. 
    For the safety of all students and staff, parents, guardians, and visitors to Elmwood are asked to go to the main entrance. Upon ringing the main door push the intercom call button and our office staff will request the reason for your visit and perhaps your student(s) grade and teacher.  Please wear your mask while on school property and follow social distancing guidelines while at the front entrance.
    We will ask you to wait near the front entrance for assistance and staff will come to the door. Office staff will ask you for your state issued identification and your id will be scanned if it is not in your software system.  Thank you for your support in making our school a safe place to learn.
    Non-Covid Information is below:
    In an effort to make Elmwood School (along with the other 13 District Elementary Schools) the safest place possible for our children, your cooperation in observing the following procedure is vital to the safety of our children.
    All parents, visitors, and volunteers are to enter the building through Door 1 (front entrance), which has a security “buzz-in” system.  The front office staff will ask that you state your name and your reason for needing to enter the school before buzzing you in. Once admitted, please go directly to the office to sign in and receive a visitor sticker. You will be asked to show identification by office staff. This is for the safety and security of our students. Upon leaving the building, please stop at the office and sign out. Following this procedure will help ensure the safety of Elmwood students. Parents should not attempt to enter the building through any other entrance.
    We recognize and know most of you.  Please realize we are following District procedure and anything to keep our students safe is a good thing.
    Thank you for your cooperation.