Science Overview

  • Science Philosophy

    Science is a comprehensive process by which we continually refine our understanding of the universe. 
    Scientific literacy enables us to make informed, responsible decisions that affect our daily lives.District 203 will provide an inquiry and standards-based comprehensive curriculum in life science, earth and space science, and physical science. An integral part of this curriculum is to promote an understanding of the interconnections within the sciences and the interactions among science, technology, society, and the environment.

    Instruction in every science classroom will model and provide opportunities for students to participate in scientific inquiry as they experience the wonders of science.  A rich variety of cognitively appropriate strategies and resources will be utilized so that all students have opportunities to experience both success and challenge.
    Using inquiry implies involvement that leads to understanding. The environment in every science classroom will have students actively constructing knowledge by being engaged in observing, questioning, investigating, problem solving, predicting, evaluating, and communicating ideas.  

    As a result of this curriculum, instruction and environment, District 203 will graduate scientifically literate students who ask and investigate scientific questions, evaluate claims and evidence, and make responsible decisions in a rapidly changing world.

    K-5 Science Overview

    The K-5 science program in District 203 is organized around three strands: Life, Earth/Space, and Physical science. At the K-5 level, each grade completes one unit per strand.  

    The science units are listed below:

     Life  Earth/Space  Physical
    Umbrella Question:  How does science exploration help me understand my world?
     Kindergarten  Growing & Changing  Collections from Nature  Constructions
     1st  Connecting & Examining Life   Earth & Space Patterns  Magnets
    Umbrella Question:  How does scientific inquiry help me interact with my world?
    2nd    Life Cycles  Rocks Sound
    3rd  Habitat  Solar System Light
    4th  Human Body in Motion  Watery Earth Matter
    5th  Nature's Recyclers  Earth's Changing Surface  Energy