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  •  For information about music curriculum in District 203, please view the information below to the district website.

  • Naperville CUSD 203 believes that music is an essential part of learning and all students should have equitable access to a comprehensive, cohesive, and rigorous program of study that develops music literacy and instills a lifelong love, enjoyment, understanding, and respect for music. The music program of study will:

    • Provide opportunities for creating, performing, responding, and connecting to music independently and collaboratively, while engaging in authentic, developmentally appropriate experiences.
    • Prepare students to explore, experience, and perform music of a variety of genres and styles both individually and in community.
    • Provide individualized skill development, where students can realize their potential and become college and career ready.
    • Deepen the understanding of music as a common language that bridges cultures and history.
    • Nurture a personal level of understanding, appreciation, and passion for music.


    Please mark your calendars for the following musical performances & events! Participation by each child is anticipated to ensure the success of each program:


    Performance Dates:

    2nd Grade – Thursday   Jan. 17, 2019        7:00 PM (Fine Arts Night)                                 

    5th  Grade – Thursday   Nov. 15, 2018        8:30 AM (student/school performance) & 7:00 PM (families and friends’ performance)



    Music Class Field Trip:


    4th Grade – 12:00 PM Tuesday, October 16, 2018 Opera Unit Field Trip (Pfeiffer Hall)

    *A $2 minimum donation to attend this performance is respectfully requested*

    5th Grade – 10:00 AM Friday, April 5, 2019 Drum Show Field Trip (NCHS)


    Please feel free to contact me! I look forward to hearing from and seeing you soon!

    Most sincerely,

Ms. Susan Tarson



Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Susan Tarson

Music Overview

  • Mission

    …to educate students to be self-directed learners, collaborative workers, complex thinkers, quality producers and community contributors using music study and performance as a framework to experience, understand and demonstrate these ideals.


    We believe:

    …that the study and performance of music develops and reinforces the cognitive skills and learning strategies that are universal in all fields of academic study.
    …that the performance music experience engenders the social values and behaviors necessary to meet the district beliefs of dignity, individuality, responsible citizenship, and a collaborative relationship with our community.
    …that through participation in music performance students are exposed to a unique and powerful method of developing an aesthetic sense and opinion that has positive lasting implications beyond music participation.


    Music is known as the universal language capable of bridging both time and culture through a unique and wonderful experience for both the creators and the consumers of the art form.  Music is a discipline that combines literacy skills with physical development and creative thought with convention.  It is an endeavor steeped in tradition yet its survival and testament is born of creativity and multifarious practice.  Music is an integral component of all cultures core fabric regardless of time and development and offers a perspective on most societies that is as illuminating as it is entertaining.
    District 203 will provide a comprehensive and cohesive program of study that develops the necessary skills for music performance. Moreover, the student experience will be saturated with opportunities designed to develop their own individual aesthetic and creative abilities.  Our goals are:
    • To develop students who can successfully perform music in a variety of styles for a variety of audiences.
    • For students to be able to articulate the emotional and cognitive impact of music.
    • That all students develop the skills necessary to judge the quality and social and cultural impact of music.
    • All participating students will acquire a comprehensive foundation of music literacy.
    Each music classroom experience will provide individualized skill development to equip each student to become a self-directed learner.
    All music classes will offer an environment rich in investigation, problem solving, experimental inquiry, and creative risk taking.
    The district music curriculum provides a sequential and evenly paced dissemination of material that will provide for individual student success.
    The District’s collective attitude about music performance is that teachers must connect with each student at both an intellectual and emotional level.  While learning music may be difficult and progress requires effort, enjoyment is an integral thread to the daily activities in all performance music classrooms.  Our intent is to instill in all participants a love and respect for music that will stay with every child their entire life.

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