• Welcome Class of 2037!

    On Monday, March 11th 2024 Scott School will hold a Kindergarten Preview.

    Session times are organized by the first letter of your child's last name:

    Group 1

    Last names starting with A - L

    8:45 am to 9:30 am

    Group 2

    Last names starting with M-Z

    10:00 am to 10:45 AM

    At this special event, you and your child will meet Scott School's administrators, kindergarten teachers, and other school personnel. While your child remains in the classroom and enjoys a sample of the kindergarten experience, school personnel will meet with you and other parents to share information about the kindergarten program.

    Important Dates:

    February 1st: Kindergarten enrollment begins

    March 11th: Kindergarten Preview. 

    March 22nd: For participation in the Dual Language Lottery your student's Kindergarten enrollment must be completed by Friday, March 22nd.

    April 5: Dual Language Lottery results will be emailed.