Welcome to Scott Kindergarten

  • Dear Families,

    We can’t wait to get to know our new Kindergarteners! We would like to share some ways you can help to prepare your child for Kindergarten!

    Read, read, read! Read to your child every day. Cuddle up with some good books at bed time or for a quiet break in the afternoon. Anytime! Also, share with your child why you read. Why do you read the paper? Why do you read your email? Why do you read books or magazines?

    Count everything. Count how many steps it takes to get somewhere. Count how long it is until you get home in the car. Count toys. Count groceries as you unload them on at the checkout. Count pushes on the swing. Count how many times they can hop on one foot. Make it fun!

    Write. Encourage your child to write their name. They can practice writing any letters they know how to write, even numbers if they like!

    Most importantly, have a wonderful summer with your family!

    We will see you in August!

The Kindergarten Team

    • Mrs. Lauren Armbrust
    • Mrs. Julie Knott
    • Mrs. Ema McKenzie
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