Leveled Books

  • Leveled books are for parents who have requested help in finding books at their student’s independent reading level.

    Please remember that students learn at different rates for many different reasons. Leveled Books provide a way to choose books that will be at a student's level of development.  By starting at a level where your student is and moving on from there, you will be able to find books that are “Just Right”. Students can still enjoy books at a challenging level with some assistance or a comfortable level (“Just Right”) as well as an easy level. 

    To use the Leveled Books lists it helps to know the independent reading level that your student is. You can find this on books sent home by your student’s teacher for them to read or by communicating with your student’s teacher. To find books at a particular reading level, select the letter from the drop down list for Reading Level. To find books from a particular author, enter their last name and then look through the list for books at your student’s independent reading level. Or to find books with a particular word in the title, enter it in the field and look through the list for appropriate books.

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