Ellsworth prides itself on the wide array of activities provided to our students. While some activities are limited to specific grade levels, research has shown that students participating in extra-curricular activities achieve higher scores on standardized testing.
Throughout the school year, students will have the opportunity to participate in the following before/after school activities.

 Dominos icon

5th Grade Game Club*

   Open to 5th grade
Students will play non-electronic games (Qwirkle, Blokus, Dominoes, and others) with their peers.

 Study Skills

Before School Study Skills Academy

   Open to K through 5th grades
   Funded through a grant from the Naperville Education Fund

Invited students receive additional instruction and support in reading skills.

 Chess Board

Chess Club *

   Various sessions open to 3rd, 4th and/or 5th grades
Chess is more than a game, it teaches important skills in life, like strategizing, planning, decision making, patience, honor, self control, discipline, sportsmanship and problem solving! Chess Club teaches the rules of Chess.  Strategies are learned and practiced.

 Chinese Ladder icon

Chinese Ladder*

   Open to K through 5th grades
   Offered by an outside provider
Students acquire knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.



   Open to 4th and 5th grades
Students rehearse and perform choral music from a variety of genres and time periods.  Rehearsals are held once a week with a culminating concert in the spring. 

 Gardening tools

Grow Pro

   Open to 5th grade
Encourages 5th graders to learn how to plan, build, plant, grow and harvest a vegetable garden.



   Open to 1st through 5th grades
This program is designed to fire up the brain synapses before school in a fun way. Students work on throwing, catching, cardiovascular fitness, locomotor movements and cooperation.

 Lego Man

Lego Club

   Open to 2nd through 5th grades
Students work on individual and team building skills.

 Reading/Math Club

Reading/Math Club

   Open to 1st through 4th grades
   Funded through a Title I grant
Students are invited to receive additional instruction and support in acquiring grade-level reading and math skills.

 Students Running

Running Club

   Open to K through 5th grades
Meets Spring and Fall. Running Club promotes a healthy lifestyle through exercise. Fun runs are held during the season.

 Safety Vest

Safety Patrol

   Open to 5th grade
This is an opportunity for students to develop responsibility and be of service to their school. The guards will be patrolling the intersection of School and Sleight Streets.

 Spanish Ladder icon

Spanish Ladder*

   Open to K through 5th grades
   Offered by an outside provider
Students acquire knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.  Offered by an outside provider.

 Student Council

Student Council

   Open to K through 5th grades
This organization focus is on community building activities such as organizing food drives and book collections. The students learn about the democratic system when 5th grade leaders are selected through an election process. The mission of this club is to encourage and provide an opportunity for all Ellsworth students to become community contributors.
    *Fee is charged to participate in this activity.