School Improvement Plan

  • Indicator:

    CL7- The environment of the school (physical, social, emotional, and behavioral) will be safe, welcoming, and conducive to learning


    • Research the need for school wide social and emotional programs
    • Develop implementation plan for school wide social and emotional programs based on classroom needs
      • Second Step
      • Executive Functioning
      • Minds Up
      • Social Skills
      • SEL Modules


    • Introduce SOAR expectations in all settings
    • Reintroduce SOAR expectations through all school assembly followed by all staff and student training sessions
    • SOAR expectations reinforced by weekly Principal and student announcements
    • Communicate SOAR expectations to parent community via Ellsworth Mentioning, Class Canvas site or newsletter, and Ellsworth School website
    • On Curriculum Night, have parents sign and agree to SOAR expectations and give parents a SOAR grid to take home
    • Consider using the SOAR behavior communication forms to reinforce SOAR expectations.  Forms and Pencils can be placed in the halls along with the SOAR Grid so that instant recording of behaviors is possible.
    • Collect data to support teaching of SOAR expectations

    Partnering with Parents

    • Design and implement a Parent Volunteer Fair in the fall to encourage parents to sign-up for different activities and grade levels
    • Classrooms will invite parents to participate in volunteer opportunities as they apply to the classroom for the school year
    • Continue to build the relationship with SFCP promoting school programs that support and extend our Rising Star Indicators

    Communication with all Stakeholders

    • Establish and promote school environment using social media such as twitter, Canvas, Ellsworth School web site
    • Utilize the Ellsworth outdoor sign to promote school happenings
    • Promote the upcoming week(s) profile school events in the Sunday Eagle Express
    • Promote upcoming events and highlight past events in the Ellsworth Mentionings to promote and capture our school culture
    • Establish a frequent and regular form of communication to parents sharing curriculum and classroom happenings (Canvas, Newsletters, Tweets)

    IID08 - Instructional Teams will review student learning data (academic, physical, social emotional, behavioral) to assess and make decisions about curriculum and instructional strategies with an emphasis on reading growth.

    • Initiate data cycles to identify struggling students (grade level teachers, instructional assistants and SST members)
    • Grade levels  and SST will collaborate to design instruction that targets individual student needs
    • Grade level teachers will monitor student progress in PLCs and Teachers and SST will participate in scheduled Data reviews to review student progress
    • Utilizing grade level Curriculum Maps, staff will implement district curriculum
    • Staff will utilize available resources such Literacy Coach, Learning Resource Coach and Math Specialist
    • Staff will utilize grade level Instructional Assistants, designing lesson plans that meet the immediate needs of students in that grade level
    • Staff Professional Development will focus on formative assessment using Jennifer Sarravallo’s The Literacy Teacher’s Playbook.
      • Step 1:  Collect Data
      • Step 2:  Analyze Data
      • Step 3:  Interpret data and establish a goal
      • Step 4:  Create an action plan
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