Study Skills


    S.T.U.D.Y. tips for students
    S.T.U.D.Y. tips for parents
    • S tay on top of your study schedule. 
    • S ee if your child is using time effectively.
  • T elevision, video games, pets, computer, the phone, etc. are all distractions!  Maintain a quiet work environment.
    • T ake time to set up a study area for your child away from distractions.
    • U se your assignment notebook. 
    • U nsure of how or what your child is doing?  Ask  to see your child's assignments and notebook.
    • D o you know how you use your time?  Keep track on a time chart (available from your counselor).
    • D efine your child's strengths and weaknesses to address performance problems.
    • Y es, you can do it!  If you need help, ask your teacher, counselor, and/or parent.
    • Y ou are your child's greatest advocate.  Praise him or her for good work.  Team up with your child's teachers and counselor!