Counseling Services

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    What can I see my counselor about??

    When can I see my counselor??

    • Counselors will listen when nobody else can or will.
    • During your supervised study period.
    • Counselors help find answers to confusing questions regarding courses, careers, colleges, school clubs and activities, and personal problems.
    • By stopping in your counselor's office and making an appointment.
    • Counselors offer support, friendship, and understanding.
    • During your lunch period.
    • Counselors are ready to help students with any of their needs...relationships, academics, setting goals, time management, study skills, organization, or family concerns.
    • By getting a pass from your teacher to see your counselor.
    • Counselors can offer referrals to outside community services including therapists, psychologists, psychiatrists, hospitals, and other support agencies and organizations.