Speech Pathologist


    Renee Bodach

    Ms. Renee Bodach 

    Voice Mail: 630-420-6509
    Email: rbodach@naperville203.org

    “The silence of speechlessness is never golden. We all need to communicate and
    connect with each other. Not just in one way, but in as many ways as possible. It
    is a human need, a basic human right. And much more than this, it is a basic human power”
    (B. Williams, 2000)


    What does a Speech and Language Pathologist do?

    The purpose of the Speech and Language Pathologist is to promote improved speech and language functioning for a more successful educational experience. This goal is achieved through collaboration and consultation with classroom teachers, staff, and parents as well as providing diagnostic and intervention services when appropriate.

    Speech and Language Pathologists hold a Master's Degree or higher in Speech and Language Pathology. They serve a one-year Clinical Fellowship under the supervision of an experienced Speech and Language Pathologist and are then awarded a certificate through the Illinois State Board of Education and a Certificate of Clinical Competence by the American Speech and Hearing Association. Most Illinois Speech and Language Pathologists hold licensure.