Internet Safety Tips

  • Cyberspace is huge and can be a great place to explore. Through the use of the Internet, teens can find libraries, universities, museums, places to travel, and places of interest. They can conduct extensive research and meet people from all walks of life. Other Internet capabilities include e-mail, chat rooms, file libraries, discussion groups, and the ability to listen to music and view videos. Since the Internet readily makes so much access to our children, it is important for parents and teens to know that some areas of the Internet should be avoided. By knowing the dangers and how to avoid them, you can take advantage of all the positive aspects of the Internet!

    Millions of teens go online every day and most are safe. Your teens might think they don't need restrictions or control over Internet usage. However, teens are more likely to explore dangerous sites and get into trouble online than younger children are. Teenagers are also more often the victims of pedophiles and other exploiters. The following sites provide information on how to stay safe by understanding the dangers of the Internet and following simple rules to stay out of trouble. While you can never eliminate all the risks in life you can minimize them.

    These sites provide simple rules, contracts, articles, and additional links for Internet Safety:


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