• When do I receive my child's report card?

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    Report cards are issued three times per year, at approximately twelve week intervals. Parents have the ability to check the status of their student’s grades on-line through Infinite Campus. Each parent is given a code to access this information. Each team will tell the parents how often the site will be updated. 
    Grading Scale
    92 - 100% A
    90 - 91% A-
    88 - 89%B+
    82 - 87%B
    80 - 81%B-
    78 - 79%C+
    72 - 77%C
    70 - 71% C-
    68 - 69% D+
    62 - 67% D
    60 - 61% D-
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  • How may I or my student check their grades?

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    District 203 is pleased to offer Infinite Campus, an online system that allows parents and students to view student schedules, attendance, discipline and grades?  Infinite Campus is used at the junior high and high school levels.
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  • How do I sign up for parent/teacher Conferences?

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    Conferences take place in October and March
    To schedule conferences, District 203 uses an online application called PTC Wizard.  The process is not lengthy, and the PTC Wizard Parent Guide will help you navigate the system.  You will access the PTC Wizard website at:  https://naperville203.ptcwizard.com and login using your Infinite Campus portal username and password.
    All parents/guardians should verify that they have access to Infinite Campus as soon as possible. If there are difficulties, or if you need to retrieve your password, contact Campus Support at parentsupport@naperville203.org or 630-420-6825. Please allow several days to establish an account as District staff will need to mail you via U.S. Postal Service an access key and instructions on how to set up your Infinite Campus Portal account.
    District Announcements 

    IMPORTANT NOTE:  As of September 14, 2013, a change was made by Infinite Campus to the website security.  If you are a student and DO NOT know your username and/or password, you will need to contact the Computer Support Associate at your school.  If you are a parent and DO NOT know your username and/or password, you will need to contact the Campus Portal Helpdesk to retrieve your account information.  If your original password is less than eight characters long, you may need to request a new password from Campus Portal. 

    Before calling the Helpdesk we recommend you read our Parents-Campus Portal Login FAQ document in the Campus Portal Help Documentation on the district website which should answer all of your questions regarding logging into Campus Portal and any issue you may encounter.

    Helpdesk Email: parentsupport@naperville203.org

    Helpdesk Phone: 630.420.6825

    Helpdesk Hours:  M-F 7:30am to 3:30pm
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  • Do I receive any type of progress report during the course of the trimester?

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    Madison provides mid-term grades three times a year, approximately six weeks into each trimester (please refer to your Madison Calendar/Handbook for the specific dates).  These progress reports are posted on line in Infinite Campus
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