Drop Off / Pick Up Procedures

  • We appreciate your help in following the guidelines presented below. If everyone can follow the same procedures, we can ensure a safe, timely drop-off and pick-up for everyone. One of the most important things for all of us to remember is this process applies to everyone 100% of the time – no exceptions! It takes cooperation, patience and strict adherence to procedures to ensure a safe environment for all children. Please allocate the time necessary for the process. We are potentially endangering the lives of children when we operate outside the established procedures or when we are in a hurry and react hurriedly out of the frustration we feel in the moment.

    A.M. Drop-Off:

    1. All students must be dropped off from the southbound lane closest to the school.
    2. Please pull as far forward as possible all the way down to the gate area in front of the playground.
    3. Have students prepared to exit the vehicle BEFORE you arrive. Have students exit their vehicles on the RIGHT side of the vehicle.
    4. Please exit the drop off area as quickly as possible – this is a continuously moving line. Continuing to move forward will help prevent traffic back-up along Sleight.
    5. You CANNOT stop in the line or exit your car. If you want to exit the car you must circle the block, park and walk over to the school. Again, there is no parking on the West side of Sleight moving North to South during arrival and dismissal so please DO NOT park in the drop off/pick-up lane during arrival or dismissal.
    6. Please do not drop off your child or leave your car unattended in the alley behind the school. Please remember that some staff arrives at the same time as the students and it is unsafe for students to be in an area with such visual restrictions for drivers.

    P.M. Pick-Up:

    1. When you arrive, drive your vehicle all the way down to the gate (south end of the playground). Students walk through the gate to your car, hop in, buckle-up and you pull away.
    2. As space becomes available all cars move forward to close the gap. This line should be in constant motion. There should be no cars trying to drive around and fill in spaces between cars.
    3. You MUST NOT park and leave your car along Sleight in front of the school.
    4. Police will issue citations if you pull up in the line and stop down by the intersection, you must pull up in front of the sign that says, “No Parking” with the arrow.
    5. Please do not pick up your child or leave your car unattended in the alley behind the school. Please remember that many staff is exiting the alley at this time.

Traffic Flow Map

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